hospitalFuture Vision is an international working company, offering medical service at its highest level in Germany and Europe.

Our clients travel from all over the world, mostly from Arabia, Africa and Russia, to Germany and we organizing everything for them. It starts with the first translations of medical reports to the last good bye at the airport after the successful treatment.

Our business activities are oriented on the concept “Quality made in Germany”, transferred to the healthcare sector. In Germany we have a state of the art medicine, based on excellent healthcare, innovative research and development and a perfect infrastructure to combine all of this for best possible treatment for our patients.

All our efforts have only one aim, to be there for our clients.  And we do take care of this, by finding the ideal treatment, organizing the whole travel and stay and, if necessary, every follow-up treatment in Germany or our clients home country and of cause also by helping with any questions with the German administration.

We take the most care in providing a holistic service with no limits for our patients. We accompany our patients during their stay in the hospital or at the rehabilitation with translation and transportation service. Whenever there is a question, you will always find Future Vision to help you.

Our experience and network all over Germany and beyond guarantees the best possible treatment, a perfect travel and a pleasant stay, all for your health.

Future Vision – the future of healthcare traveling